Live from HxD: The Digital Transformation of Health

The Digital Transformation of Health: Balancing Speed, Innovation and Ethics, by Sara Holoubek

Logo for the Health Experience Design conference40,000 Americans a year die from car accidents. $80 billion dollars has been spent against a possible (hypothetical) solution (self-driving cars).

How do we create a system where technology can be tested and ethically ensured to the same level that clinical testing studies medical treatments?

Emerging Technologies

There are a lot of new technologies – data, social media, AR/VR… it moves fast. What are the ethical considerations we should be addressing? What would we consider if we were working in (slow) healthcare, that we don’t consider in (fast) technology?

We live in an era where Terms and Conditions are the new Informed Consent. And no one looks at the Terms and Conditions.

Technology is Impacting Us

The day after it came out that Russia’s social media work had impacted the election, an Uber hit a homeless woman. It’s clear from both these events that technology impacts our lives.

Sara wrote some essays about the ethical questions this brings up. People assumed she was a luddite – but she supports technology!

Be Pro-Tech and Pro-Ethics

  1. Read more science fiction. The sci-fi writers have been considering ethics for years.
  2. Include ethicists in your work.
  3. Take a designer’s oath.
  4. Spur your ethical imagination. Ask yourself questions about how a technology might be used. (Sara has a list of 5 key questions.)
  5. Join the community.
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