Live from LavaCon: Using Search Insights to Create Content Strategies that Generate Revenue

Using Search Insights to Create Content Strategies that Generate Revenue, by Margaret Nicoll, MAKA Digital

lavacon2014Margaret worked with UGG Australia. She creates little moments of digital happiness.

Working at a camp, Margaret learned that you have to put the campers (or users) first. When the users are searching, you can look at what they’re searching for. When you know what they’re searching for, you can put them first. When you know how to put them first, you know what content to create. If you know what content to create, you know how to drive revenue.


5000 phone calls a year asking how to clean their Ugg boots.

  • People asked how to clean their Ugg boots at almost every touchpoint
  • So they needed to create a solutions
  • The only way to help users along their journey is to be empathetic

The opportunity

  • Provide a solution
  • Drive visits and revenue – listen
  • Built trust – respond to them
  • Keep it simple – needs to be set up such that people can share it easily

It can be scary to take someone in a shopping cart more content – you don’t want to distract them. But you have to meet people where they are.

Meet people where they are

  • Use the Google search engine rules to get your content to users when they search for it
  • Send emails with information users want
  • Put it on Pinterest if that’s where your audience is hanging out
  • When you take insights from search and make a point of answering questions, users will like it, share it, etc. It builds customer loyalty.

People who get their questions answered by you will end up buying from you!

  • The better the content is, the better the channels do
  • Look for synonyms and key words for tough-to-name items
  • Identify priorities by looking at complaints or (for products) returns
  • Put the other person first!!!

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