Live from Confab: Delivering your content strategy

Delivering your content strategy: Effective documentation and deliverables, by Kim Marques

confab logo“This content strategy stuff is great, but what are you going to give me?” – we all hear this. Kim, at Liberty Mutual, started creating deliverables beyond copy. So she started making a list of common deliverables. She found a ton of questions, more so than answers.

First, she created an inventory of deliverables. Started with audits:

  • Content audit - List out absolutely everything, no judgements.
  • Content inventory – Get judge-y. Identify opportunities. Continue Reading

Live from Confab: Overcoming the voice of self-doubt

Overcoming the voice of self-doubt, by Anne Lamott

confab logo“My only problem is my mind. Sadly, it likes to go everywhere with me.”

The problem we share is our minds, and self doubt, and that it’s scary.

Key takeaways, and bits of brilliance:

  • Structure is important.
  • There’s no waiting for creativity. You just have to sit down and do it.
  • Take the action, and the insight follows.
  • Don’t try to remember later. Write things down. ”I write down everything I love.”
  • I have to convince you not to go away. I have to show you why I think you should stay with me for a few pages.
  • Don’t worry about other people’s voices. Just write in your own words.
  • Take the things out that don’t work. That will help with self doubt, because you’ll see that you’re willing to make changes for the good of the end product.
  • Writing is like driving at night with the headlights on. You can only see just ahead of you, but you can make the whole journey that way.
  • Your memories, your visions, your theories, your questions are good enough. They’re all you have to offer.
  • Secrets of writing: pay attention, carry a pen.

Live from Confab: Lightning Talks

Everything I need to know about content strategy I learned from Beyoncé, by Katie Carrus

confab logoKatie’s inspiration for content strategy is “everyone has the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce.”

All we want is this flawless, amazing content. But we have to make choices to get there.

Beyonce would tell you to:

  • walk into the room like you own it.
  • get friends – smart people on your side who will advocate for content strategy
  • Collaborate with people who aren’t just like you
  • Have an alter ego
  • Let others own the process and have glory
  • Don’t forget where you came from
  • Recognize what’s working (put a ring on it!)
  • Know who you are – identify your message
  • Celebrate the little wins along the way Continue Reading

Live from Confab: Making Sense of Health Insurance

Making Sense of Health Insurance: A Case for Content Strategy, by Jeff Greer

confab logoJeff’s team at Blue Cross Michigan did a redesign of their site to make it more consumer-friendly.

Where we started

  • Out of date content
  • Stock images
  • Inconsistency in the tone of voice
  • Huge walls of text
  • They needed stronger governance
  • People from all over wanted the eTeam’s attention – and there was no consensus as to what the eTeam should be doing.
    • Complicating this, HMO and PPO had separate websites
    • Silos were competing to get work done on their sites
    • Medicare/Medicaid was also at a separate site, so members had to switch sites multiple times
  • The Affordable Care Act changed everything. BCBS changed from B2B to B2C Continue Reading

Live from Confab: Reducing Digital Clutter

Reducing Digital Clutter: How to Clean Up the Back of Your House, by Matt Grocki

confab logoPersonal Behaviors

  • If you save every achievement of your kids you’ll have 5 boxes/year x 15yrs x 2 kids = A LOT OF CONTENT!
  • Content behaviors are made up of the physical interaction and the emotional dependance
    • For example, there’s an emotional interest in keeping a letter from a friend
  • How can we segment the people who keep content?
    • The minimalist
    • The curator (carefully decides what to keep)
    • The stowaway (wants to be the minimalist, so they hide everything)
    • The post-it warrior (keeps everything)
  • Digitally, we can keep tons and it doesn’t seem like a lot
  • If you have poor digital habits, it’s going to roll over into your organization’s habits
  • BJ Fogg talks about behavioral change – he reminds people to smart small.
  • Why do we abandon content?