The Case for Including Content Strategy in CMS Builds

If you’re a content strategist, you have likely heard a lot about the importance of being part of designing and customizing content management systems. But if you’re a developer, you may not have the same perspective.

On a recent project, I witnessed this firsthand. While I made a point of creating content templates, identifying content types, and designing governance practices with an eventual CMS customization in mind, the (external) development team was not prepared for the same level of collaboration. They looked at my deliverables as options, and when my ideas didn’t fit, rather than open a discussion they unilaterally made decisions. Unfortunately, the result was a CMS that didn’t fit the content needs or the editorial team’s abilities.

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Live from CSA: Closing the Gap on the Adaptive Content Challenge

CSA: Closing the Gap on the Adaptive Content Challenge, by Don Day

logoWhy so much emphasis on adaptive content?

  • Content should be easy to find!
  • Content should be reusable – it’s not a tea bag.
  • Content should be timeless.

There are a lot of factors determining what content is presented:

  • The technical, cultural (think jokes that don’t translate), or religious preferences
  • The reading level of the audience
  • What users have looked at before – to personalize what we give them next and ensure they’ll like it
  • How long users will have to consume their information (bites, not meals)

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