Transitioning to UX

One of the best questions to get to know a fellow UX-er is “what was your major?” The answers are often unexpected, and tell you more about the person you’re speaking with, as well as more about the field of UX.

My answer, of course, is theater. For most people, this sounds like the exception to the rule. But there is no content strategy major. Not even a major that “most” content strategists studied in college.

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Live from CSA: Scalable Content Strategy: Nice Thought or Viable Vision?

Scalable Content Strategy: Nice Thought or Viable Vision?, by Colleen Jones

logoA two-step model for creating an operational content strategy.

FootSmart was trying to help clients understand that they needed more than just sneakers

  • Created additional content
  • Linked that content to their sneakers
  • SEO increased as a result
  • 36% increase in weekly sales

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