Live from ConveyUX: Disruptive Testing for Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Testing for Disruptive Technology: How to test without a prototype, by Sylvie Daumal

conveyuxWe ask ourselves: Are we designing the right thing? Does it enhance our experience as humans?

Then, to reduce risk, we create prototypes to test them with users. We think and evolve while we build prototypes.

“Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas.” -Tom Wudec

Up to this point, we’ve been able to sketch and wireframe apps to test them. Now we’re in a new world: the Internet of Things. We can’t prototype AI and robots. Continue Reading


Live from ConveyUX: Using Data Science to Quantify User Journeys

conveyuxUsing Data Science to Quantify User Journeys, by Sam Zaiss

Sam leads a team of data scientists (now called Experience Analytics) at Microsoft

He’s determined the goal of data science and user research is the same: use data to accomplish goals


Communication breaks down between data scientists and UX researchers because there is a lexicon barrier. When data scientists say there are “lies, damn lies, and observational studies” they mean “don’t assume correlation implies causality.” But UX researchers hear it as “you’re undermining us!” Continue Reading