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Why take my word for it? Here’s what clients have to say about my work.

puregood“Marli has been a gift.  An effective listener and brilliant communicator, Marli takes what can seem like a mountain and turn it into a mole hill, or simply move the mountain out of the way to conquer more important things.   Her genuine desire to help, keen attention to details, humble spirit and ability to move a project successfully along at a good pace are just a few of the many valuable things Marli brings to a project.  She will both hold your hand and give you a gentle shove in the right direction when needed.  She is flexible, a team player, and a joy to work with.”
– Sommer Carlin, Puregood



Active Frequency“Marli is a unicorn – a rare creative professional who manages to combine Dali’s whimsy with a keen attention to detail and ruthlessly meticulous organization. In addition to being a prolific idea factory in her own right, she excels at moving teams towards a goal – and reaching it. In every collaboration, she’s surpassed my expectations in a new way.”
-Kevin Grinberg, Active Frequency


GDLMarli is experienced and organized in her approach to production. She has a plan and she carries through. She’s as comfortable brainstorming as she is managing a team and is always (a key trait for startups) flexible!”
-Kellian Adam, Green Door Labs




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