Let’s Talk Content

My name is Marli. I’m a lead content strategist at Verily Life Sciences.

I believe health is inextricably linked to economics, education, and wellness.

How does content strategy impact health? Patients can’t care for a chronic condition if they don’t understand what doctor is telling them. They (we!) can’t take the medication if the pill bottle makes no sense. And they can’t make health improvements unless they are motivated to make lifestyle changes.

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Content Strategy at Verily

At Verily, the content strategy team is helps make clinical content usable and useful. We write microcopy, developing metadata taxonomies, and build messaging strategies. I believe our work helps make healthcare and healthy living accessible.

Life Outside Verily

If I’m not writing I’m typically reading. When I take my nose out of my books I make things out of yarn and take amateur photos around the world.

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or follow non-stop photos of my cats on Instagram.