How to Create a Content Strategy

Set clear goals Before creating a content strategy, it’s important to understand exactly why you need one. That way, each blog post, video, or article will fulfill a clear purpose, rather than just serving as filler for a website or social media. To test the viability of a goal, use SMART technology and ask five questions. In addition to the […]

Types of Content Marketing

Social media posts Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK and even Odnoklassniki – social networks provide almost limitless opportunities for brand promotion. Don’t publish content on all popular social networks at once – it’s not very effective and takes a huge amount of time. Instead, analyze which platforms your target audience uses most often and focus on them. Publish posts regularly and […]

What is Content Strategy and its Benefits

Standing out in an ocean of information is a task that seems nearly impossible. However, all you need to break through the white noise and be memorable to your customer is to create a high-quality and well-thought-out content strategy. What is a content strategy? It’s a set of rules and guidelines that determines which communication channels are most effective for […]