Social media posts

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK and even Odnoklassniki – social networks provide almost limitless opportunities for brand promotion. Don’t publish content on all popular social networks at once – it’s not very effective and takes a huge amount of time. Instead, analyze which platforms your target audience uses most often and focus on them. Publish posts regularly and track what type of content users respond best to, such as text, images, videos, or interactive formats like quizzes and polls.

Blog articles

With a blog, the business becomes even more useful for the customer: for example, you can publish step-by-step guides, product information and stories of satisfied customers there. In addition, a popular and regularly updated blog increases the company’s credibility in the market.


Training and marketing videos help establish a direct dialog with the customer. Use them to tell more about your product, introduce your team, highlight interesting cases or support your marketing campaign. If your target audience responds well to videos, consider having your own Youtube channel.


Podcasts have experienced a second wave of popularity in recent years – take advantage of this to draw even more attention to your business. The topic of your podcast can be anything – the key is that it helps you establish yourself as an expert in relevant areas.

Guides and checklists

Similar to a blog, guides and checklists provide the customer with useful information and increase trust in the company. For example, an online beauty care store might release a short infographic on sun protection, or write a detailed guide to the best creams, serums, and toners.

Case studies There is no room for modesty in business – be sure to share success stories and talk about customers who have been helped by your products or services. Case studies can be published in various formats – as articles, posts or video reviews.


Email marketing is a great way to keep in regular contact with your target audience and send personalized offers.