A New Era at Mad*Pow

Over the past two years of freelancing, I’ve learned about the content strategy community, about meeting clients and making sales, and about myself. I’ve grown confident in my knowledge of what I do best, what work I most enjoy, and the future I see for myself as a content strategist. With that in mind, the next stage of my journey is to rejoin the agency world. As of yesterday, I am officially the new Director of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow.

Why Mad*Pow?

Mad*Pow logoI’ve always loved agency life. I get to work with an interesting variety of clients (like a freelancer), and I also get to work with a team, learning together and growing together (like an in-house content strategist). I’ve missed the camaraderie, and though the community on Twitter has been a decent substitute, Mad*Pow offers the real deal: a team of designers, strategists, researchers, and developers who value education (in all its forms) and encourage professional growth.

In addition, Mad*Pow has a few areas of specialization. While many of their target industries are familiar to me, healthcare is the industry I am most excited to be working with. I learned soon after beginning my freelance career that I prefer working with companies that in some way “do good,” and healthcare projects (typically) fall into this category. At Mad*Pow, the team shares my craving and seeks out this type of work.

What’s next?

Now it’s time for all the excitement of agency life, PLUS I get to help Mad*Pow grow a truly fabulous content strategy team. With all of that going on, some things are changing quite a bit, and others not at all.

What’s changing:

  • I’ll be at the Mad*Pow office most days, rather than in my home office with the adorable-yet-distracting Simi.
  • I’ll have many wonderful coworkers to collaborate with on projects.
  • I may be writing here less frequently, until I settle in.

What’s staying the same:

  • I am still the managing editor at UX Booth, and will continue to hold that position.
  • If you want to work together, you can still contact me. Mad*Pow takes on content strategy projects, and you may even get more value from my new coworkers!
  • I’ll still be speaking and live blogging at conferences, and I hope to see you there.
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