Healthy Language is Plain Language

If you missed my webinar on how to write in plain language, never fear! I have the slides, and a recording, so you can still learn how to help patients and caregivers understand what you’re saying. Ultimately, if you work in healthcare and you want “healthy” language? You need plain language.

There are many reasons people came to the webinar. Some people wanted to:

  • Understand what separates plain language from other content
  • Gain confidence in looking for resources to reduce jargon and clarify language
  • Feel comfortable and confident using readability and SEO tools
  • Know how to measure the success of plain language across a specific population

Plain language might make a lot of sense, or it may sound like another word for “boring.” In this webinar I explained how to make health information inclusive of all audiences, accessible, and fun (e.g. NOT boring!).

Check it out.

Healthy Language is Plain Language: Webinar

Healthy Language Is Plain Language from Marli Mesibov

More Tips

Looking for more on plain language? Check out:

Plain language doesn’t have to be boring! It does have to be clear, and helpful to a specific audience. You can make it happen.

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