Live from Bolo: The New Creative Breed

The New Creative Breed, by Tina Cervera

Social media has changed dramatically over the years. From 2007-2010 it was about community growth. Then it was about engagement, and now it’s about accomplishing business goals with social media just being a channel.

They try to tell stories that are relevant, for specific people, through specific channels.

Tina promotes a “social first” strategy. It helps their clients stay:

  • efficient
  • targeted
  • scalable
  • mobile
  • native

The New Creative Bread

The old methodology was driven by intangible qualities. Now we need to make sure methodologies are about interactions.

The new creative process has ideas coming from many places, so that we’re all learning constantly.

Projects need to iterate, and creative is never dead.

The new creative person thinks big and small, is collaborative, tunes into the implications of data, is comfortable with platforms and enthusiastic about iterating. This person is committed to consumers, not platforms!


Optimizing data

  • Keep their eyes open
  • See what’s an indicator, and what’s an outlier

Analytics, account strategy, and creative teams need to work together at the outset

Get insights from:

  • primary research
  • third party tools
  • tools that go with platforms
  • break it down into visualization

Remember, every channel has distinct user bases, use cases, strengths and weaknesses

Key to focus on the right metrics

  • relevant actionable information
  • based in fact, measurable

Case Studies

#1: Sonic

  • Found the primary audience was teenagers in relationships
  • People like ice cream and slushies – teenage girls in particular
  • They took the same photo and tailored it to girlfriend and boyfriend
  • 5% lift in sales, and much lower prices

#2 Chrisley Knows Best

  • Wanted to increase viewership and ratings via Facebook
  • Took city-specific fact and catchphrases to make it more connected to people
  • Iterated content for specific cities
  • 92% increase ratings list
  • Executed in 5hrs


Old creative messaged to one large group. New creative divides the audience into clusters, and creates specific content for those clusters. It’s more effective.

  • Content is always changing – very fast in social.
  • Response times need to be fast.
  • We need to support our teams

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